Rightcard believes that sending money abroad should be quick, easy and good value for money so we created a solution to our customers. Rightcard’s platform is designed to offer global reach at low-cost. We offer quick, easy and reliable money transfers through our cost-efficient, transparent cross border currency management platform.

We offer a unique multi-currency account.
Our Customers have 24-7 secure on-line access to their account, via their smart phone application or through our call centre. Rightcard has a technologically advanced platform where account holders may load, withdraw, complete foreign exchange and transfer funds anytime, anywhere.

Rightcard is a Joint Venture of 2 Groups:

  • Alpha Transfers Group
  • Surichange Group

United Kingdom The Netherlands Belgium Switzerland
Ireland Japan Hong Kong Italy
France Holand Spain Suriname
In 2012 Alpha Transfer and Suri-charge became partners and Alpha Transfers became the correspondent agent of Suri-change paying its orders to Brazil.

By 2014 Alpha Transfers operated in the Netherlands catering for the Brazilian Market. At this point Alpha Transfers transferred its Dutch database to Surichange and it was at this point that both groups decided to join forces and set up Rightcard Payment Services Limited to better cater for its customers’ needs.

About Alpha Transfers Group

Alpha Transfers Group operates in these countries: UK, Belgium, Ireland and Hong Kong.
Alpha Transfers Limited (UK) was set up in 2007. The group expanded to other European Countries by 2011 and 2012. In 2014 Alpha Transfers Group moved its wholesale operations to Hong Kong. Also in 2014 Alpha Transfers bought and incorporated to the group a company which has been operating for the last 17 years in Switzerland. The majority of the company’s transactions are to Brazil but the group is expanding to different markets and also developing other distribution channels. Alpha Transfers has managed over the years to develop and maintain an excellent network of correspondents as well as being very proud of ourselves for offering an excellent customer service and high customer satisfaction.

About Surichange Group

Regulated by the Dutch Authority AFM for financial Services Suri-Change was founded in the Netherlands in 1990. In 1992 Suri-Change obtained the first money transfer and exchange license in Suriname. With 20 years of experience in the foreign exchange market Suri-change offers Money Transfer Services, Foreign Exchange as well as Bill Payment Services in The Netherlands and Suriname.

Suri-Change BV, is considered to be the biggest remittance service provider amongst the Surinamese -Dutch community. The company is the largest importer/exporter of currency in the country. It has also one of the largest distribution networks. Offering full customer service to its customers, Suri-change is a pioneer in remittances in Suriname providing customized solutions and on-the-ground expertise as well as free home delivery.

In 2005 Suri-change NV became a Bank in Suriname (SBC BANK), with more than 15 pay-out locations.
SCB NV processes annually tens of millions of Euros from the Netherlands.

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