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The Rightcard multi-currency e-wallet account is unique. It allows customers to hold multiple currency balances in one dynamic account.

E-wallet account features

  • View their multi-currency account statements
  • Registration and KYC submisison
  • Secure Login
  • View e-wallets accounts summary
  • View e-wallets accounts statement
  • Funding e-wallets accounts
  • Making fund transfers to bank accounts worldwide
  • Making cash remittances
  • Add, view and edit beneficiary details
  • Exchange currencies

How RightCard Multi-currency e-wallet account works

  • A multi-currency e-wallet account allows the client to hold balances of multiple currencies (in the range of currencies is set by RightCard).
  • One single e-wallet that is capable of holding balances in a multiple of currencies.
  • E-wallet account holders initially are issued with a single currency e-wallet account. They can upgrade their e-wallet to be multi-currency one by following a process in the website once they have logged in. This may entail a fee.
  • Currency e-wallet is created automatically when clients receive funds in a currency e-wallet that hasn’t been set yet. RightCard will hold the funds in the currency received without forcing a conversion.
  • Funds held in the multi-currency e-wallet is that it can be used without exchange conversions being forced upon you when you need to spent, drawing from the branch, requesting and payment or using your prepaid card (not yet available).
  • All new RightCard e-wallets are denominated to a ‘single currency’ by default and this depends on where the issuer is registered unless specifically agreed by RightCard. For UK Customer the default is GBP and Dutch Customer the Default is EUR, unless required otherwise.
  • If you transfer funds from a multi- currency account to another multi-currency account, the recipient’s account will be credited in the same currency as it was sent unless otherwise that currency was not supported by the recipient member
  • The transfer is executed even if the sending account did not have the necessary balance in that currency but as long as the net balance in the multi-currency e-wallet accounts determined as the sum total of the balances of all the currencies has adequate funds to cover the transaction or a suitable credit limit has been authorised by RightCard.
  • A customer’s available balances in each currency are shown in a summarised form.
  • The e-wallet account net balance is shown in the e-wallet accounts base currency.
  • The net balance is determined as the sum total of the individual currency balances equivalent in the base currency at prevailing exchange rates.
  • The net balance is dynamic. If an e-wallet account holds multiple currency balances then the net balance for that e-wallet account can be updated regularly to take into e-wallet account the changes in the applicable currency rates.
  • New currency balances are created automatically in the e-wallet account when a customer receives funds into their e-wallet account in a currency that they did not previously have or completes a foreign exchange.
  • The currency set that is supported by the platform and which are available to e-wallet account holders is configured by Rightcard.
  • Individual currency balances can be allowed to go to a negative balance so long as the net balance remains positive.
  • A customer’s full e-wallet account transaction history can be accessed by changing the date range.
  • The e-wallet account statement is a view-only facility and the user cannot make any entries.

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